“We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.” (Malcolm Reynolds)

Multi Party Payment Platform / UI  UX design

The Klinche founders developed proprietary technology to create an equitable online marketplace that revolutionizes payment transactions, especially those involving two or more parties. The Klinche premise is simple: eliminate the middleman and connect all parties within a transaction directly to the payment source. All parties (sellers) in a multi-party transaction can secure payment directly from the payment source (buyer) and be assured that the funds are in place.

Klinche enables individuals and businesses alike to reduce the risk of non-payment, protect their assets and simplify the payment process. The bottom line?

Everyone gets paid.

The Klinche application is a cloud based multiparty payment platform.

We worked on the iOS application including UX and UI. We utilized an number of technologies for design development and team collaboration:

  • OmniGraffle for UX flow diagrams
  • Invision app. for iPhone mock-up and team collaboration
  • Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop for screen UI
  • Good old pencil and paper for quick ideation of ideas