“We've done the impossible, and that makes us mighty.” (Malcolm Reynolds)

Natural Beauty Products : Salon, Retail Store, Training Center

Arsoa is a Japanese producer of natural water-based cosmetics and beauty products. They are particularly known for their Arsoa soap which is the cornerstone of the Arsoa skin care process. They have a network of sales associates throughout Japan that distribute products directly to the end user.

Arsoa wished to establish a network of physical locations in Japan to act as training centers for sales associates, distribution centers, retail stores and customer salons. The physical location and size of these centers greatly differed in size and location, from the warmth of southern Japan to the snowy peaks of northern Japan , from tiny 3 tsubo spaces to much larger flagship spaces.

In developing a branded environment for these centers we developed a kit of parts within a modular system of furnishings to accommodate any configuration. We also created a matrix of materials and finishes to accommodate  a range of budgets and temperate conditions.

We developed a 3D electronic “Kit of Parts” so that a store floor plan could be digitally outfitted with the appropriate components, laid out and viewed on a lap top in 3D views of the facility in real time so the salon owner could envision the finished environment. ( in 1993 on a Mac PowerBook 140 laptop )